A Lady's guide: How to pee in the woods

A Lady's guide: How to pee in the woods

Yes, you read that correctly, lets talk about peeing in the woods as a lady.

Yes, we have all been there and not just in the woods, you need to pee and you do not know the best spot, or how to do so discreetly without either showing your butt off or getting a bit of pee in places you do not want (like your shoes!) 

 With extra practice and using some of the amazing items that are available to help women out to pee outdoors, this guide will help you feel more confident when its time to go! 

Step One: Leave no Trace!

Leave No trace in the outdoors, picture of Leave No Trace Logo

Make sure that whatever you do or whatever tool you end up using, please practice the leave no trace principals when out in nature! You can look up all the 7 principals over at LNT.org and there is a full principal just on disposing of waste properly! This is a huge reason why we created our first drybag, the Ladybitz Bag which gives you a hygienic place to dispose of trash while out in the backcountry. The LNT principal states that "Toilet paper must be disposed of properly! It should either be thoroughly buried in a cat hole or placed in plastic bags and packed out." Also, it reads that "Urine has little direct effect on vegetation or soil. In some instances, urine may draw wildlife which are attracted to the salts. They can defoliate plants and dig up soil. Urinating on rocks, pine needles, and gravel is less likely to attract wildlife. Diluting urine with water from a water bottle can help minimize negative effects."

All in all, make sure that you are choosing a place to pee that is not directly impacting the area you are in. I know that in the desert (Ex. Grand Canyon), before you go on a river trip the River Rangers give you the orders not to pee on the sand at camps, and they want all the pee go to into the river.  On the other hand, when you are in a more mountainous region like on the Middle Fork River in Idaho, the River Rangers want you to pee on shore and up away from the river. 

So make sure you know the area that you are peeing in and think before you go!

Also, with the Leave No trace principal, please do not leave that piece of TP that you used just out or under the tiniest rock. TP does take a while to break down, so it is best if you carry biodegradable toilet paper or just carry a pee cloth. You can use the one we carry or any number of other pee clothes out there for women. I have seen so many piece of toilet paper tucked under rocks, behind trees and much more at campsites, and I feel like if more women knew what to do, then it would help so much more keep our campsites and backcountry land cleaner! 

Check out our Anti-Bacterial Pee Cloth Silver Infused Pee Cloth here!

Pee Cloth for Women

For this post, we are only discussing peeing outdoors, and not the number two situation. For that, there are many different options you can do and make sure you are prepared for human waste when in the backcountry. 

Step Two: Practice the Squat.

Over at the Explorer Chick, they list the top tips for the perfect pee squat:


  • Feet apart, as far as you can and still balance
  • Bend your knees and lean back on your ankles for support
  • Arch your back and lift your butt for better aim
  • Get as low as you can to avoid pee splash
  • If you available, pee downhill for less splash."

The squat is the typical stance for most women from the first time they used the bathroom outside till now. It is the most universal way for women to pee outside, and although it can be like second nature to most women, every now and again it can be tricky.  

Making sure you are on level ground or at least the pee will run downhill is your best bet, always. Also, the tip to try and squat as low as possible is to make sure you do not get pee on your shoes, or the splash back on your legs, etc. If you have never tried to pee in the woods or outside, go ahead and give it a try. The more you practice, the better you will be!

Also, please make sure that you are practicing in a place that you are allowed to use the bathroom outside. Do not go to your local park to try this technique out! Lol!

 Step 3: Use a device to help

The best device that we use when peeing outside is our Ladybitz Rag for Peeing. This is the best item that we have found to help with the drip after you pee. You can wipe yourself so you are dry and comfortable, and the rag is silver infused with a microfiber, so it is antibacterial and quick dry. When you are finshed, you can clean your rag with water and let dry or you can clean it at the end of the day. 

The second item that you can use is a bit of biodegradable toilet paper. Please make sure to dispose of the toilet paper in a trash container after use (or put it in the Ebb&Flo Dry bag with the trash pocket!) so you do not leave toilet paper out in nature. Leave no trace!

Another device that is very popular is the GoGirl. This device makes peeing outside much easier as you can stand up and pee or use it squatting for extra aim power. This device takes TIME TO PRACTICE! If you do not practice using it before, you may have to change your clothes or clean up quite a bit. Take it to the bathroom with you at home for a few times so you get a hang of it before you head out on your trip. Overall, this is a great item for peeing outside and it is easy to clean and easy to use (after practice). You can read the HOW TO USE on the Go Girl Website for better directions. 

Go girl


 The last product that we highly recommend is the SHE FLY Go There Pant. These pants are a game changer for women who hike, camp or hang out outdoors often. They are completly comfortable, and have the added bonus of having a zipper that unzips so you can use the bathroom outdoors without having to take your pants all the way off. It makes it easy, discreet and amazing to use. Check out their website for the pants and other things they are doing that make this planet better to be a woman!! 

shefly go there pant

There are many amazing products that are being created each and every day, and we will add to our list as we use these products out in the great outdoors. 

To wrap it up, If you're a woman, chances are there's been a time when you've been caught without access to a bathroom and had to pee outside. We hope that our guide to help you pee outdoors has been a useful read. 

Here is a quick overview: 

1. Practice the squat! 

2. Bring a pee cloth (or biodegradable toilet paper and a disposal system) and hand sanitizer with you when you go out into nature. They'll come in handy if you have to pee while hiking, camping, or spending time outdoors in general. Plus the pee cloth is easy to clean, and anti-bacterial. 

3. If possible, find an area that is a good place to pee (check your surroundings and make sure that you are peeing somewhat downhill (away from your body) and in environmentally safe place (due to your location)

4. Wear breathable clothing or clothing that is easy to remove (or like the Shefly Pant) so that when it comes time to go, its quick and easy. 

Thank you for reading and please let us know what works for you! Send us your tips, tricks and other items that you like to use to make it easier to pee outside as a woman! 


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