Ladybitz Drybag 50 Liter purple bag with shoulder strap

Made for women in the outdoors.

Boatyard Beta bags

For women who travel, hike, camp or just love spending time in the great outdoors.

Our bags keep your adventures fresh, your campsites clear of garbage, and your bags clean.

Using odor absorbing technology specifically for stashing personal products such as menstrual trash, used face and body wipes, or anything other hygienic needs you may have in the backcountry.

“Thank YOU, for creating an amazing product. I think all of us women have been there.”

  • "I think so many women are scared about headed out camping or rafting..

    ..while on their period, and most will either cancel a trip or take extra birth control so they don't have to deal with it. It is nice to have something that solves the problem that most all women have when thinking about going into the wilderness during that time of the month.”

  • “This is bad ass!

    I have literally had to throw away stuff for errant period trash/ emergencies… this is perfect for over nighters!”

  • “It was the perfect size for all of my toiletries ..

    ..for a 5-day trip! I think I would consider the larger size for 8+ day trips. Timing didn't line up for me to put the odor-blocking pocket through the wringer, but it was very ideal for keeping dirty face and body wipes separate! I also was appreciative of the second zip pocket for those items that have the potential to leak (toothpaste, lotion, etc.).

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Captains Boatbag waterproof 40 Liter drybag

Yes, we specialize in bags for women, but have you checked out our newest bag the Captains Boat bag? The only waterproof captains bag out on the market.

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