Camping Packing List for Woman: 10 Unique Things to Bring With You to Stay Comfortable

Camping Packing List for Woman: 10 Unique Things to Bring With You to Stay Comfortable

Camping as a woman can be a great way to escape the hustle and bustle of city life, but it's important to make sure you bring the right gear with you so you can stay comfortable. We all associate the main items to bring with you on a camping trip for survival, such as a tent, sleeping bag, water/food, wood, fire starter, knife, etc. However for this blog we are going to show you our top 10 unique things to bring with you on your camping trip as a woman, to ensure you have the best experience possible!

These unique camping items are things that we always pack in our bags now and you already may pack them too! These items will not be on the list for the main survival experience of camping, but they make life a bit easier out in the wildernerness. This list is more for car camping, camping with a trailer, tent camping, or rafting and camping.

*This is not specifically for light weight backpacking camping, where you are carrying everything on your back and are aiming for light weight. Although, some of the items on the list may fit just perfect in your pack, like the pee cloth!

1. Ladybitz Rag: A Pee cloth

Ladybitz Rag

Yes, a few of our products make the list! The first one is a pee cloth. As a woman, it is inevitable that you are going to have to pee outside when you are camping and having a silver-infused microfiber pee cloth with you handy is the best thing to have. It is lightweight, folds and packs super small and it is anti-bacterial so it can be cleaned easily and does not hold onto bacteria. Any type of pee cloth on the market is great! We love our Ladybitz Rag, but the Kula Cloth or any pee cloth that you buy will make your trip so much more comfy. I find that anytime I am even just going for a hike, I pack this in my backpack to have, because all you ladies know that having something to dry up those annoying drips after you go is key. 

2. Fleece Leggings

Fleece lined leggings

 These leggings have been all over our tictok for you page and I have seen them all over Amazon. I was given some for Christmas and they are AH-MAZING. Yes, these are the fleece lined leggings, which make for a super comfy and warm feel while also feeling tight just like regular leggings. Taking these camping would be perfect for all those chilly nights and morning. I also feel like they will be perfect to sleep in, so they are always going to be packed in my bag for camping. 

 3. Face and/or body wipes 

 Face wipes and body wipes while camping are one of my favorite things to bring. First, I try to get the most unscented type of wipe, that is why I love these rawganic ones. Any type of water wipe can be used for body wipes too.  I tend to bring facewipes (with a makeup removal) and also body wipes. I find that for body wipes, the waterwipes in the baby section work the best. Either way, it is so nice at the end of the day to wipe all your bits and pieces so you feel relatively clean. I also love using face wipes to get any sunscreen or dirt off my face at the end of the day. Yes, if you are camping in the camper, you can wash your face as you typically would but I still end up using a face wipe for many more things than just the face!! I also will say that my husband always ends up using these too! Especially after long desert camping trips, he loves to use these face wipes to get all that sand, dirt and whatnot off his face too. All in all, a must have in my book!

4. Therma Care Heat Pads

Heat pads

In the another blog about having your period while camping, this item also made the list. I find that no matter if I am on my period or not, bringing along these activated heat pads for any camping trip is a must. They are so versatile, so if someone has a hurt muscle or it is cold at night, you can use these. Also, it is so nice to have these to put on if you do get cramps during that time of the month. I keep some in the first aid kit to make sure I always have them. This company keeps coming out with so many different styles and sizes of heat pads, so you can get a few different ones that fit your needs. I will say that for winter/fall camping, these heat pads are a lifesaver!

5. Camp Solar Shower! 

Solar Shower Camp Shower

I got my solar shower at a store in Durango, Colorado called the Durango Outdoor Gear Exchange.   You can also find lots of other amazing equipment at this store, and I highly recommend it anytime you are in town. The solar shower that I have is one of my favorite things to bring camping, and I bring it on almost every rafting trip and camping trip that I go on. I have had my solar shower for a few years now, and I may have to invest in a new one soon since I have put it through the ringer! However, having a solar shower is one of the best items to have on any spring, fall or winter trip (also summer too!) I always fill it up with clean water from my house, and then I set it out when I get to camp or on my boat throughout the day. After a long day out in nature, having a clean, warm shower feels ahhh-mmaaazing. I also have had lots of other people want to use this shower when I have brought it on multi-day rafting trips. It does heat up very hot, however you can always add cold water or wait for it to get to your perfect temp (the temp gauge is on the bag). It also has a little pouch for soap and it comes with a small mirror. I have also used it to fill my baby's inflatable bath tub with warm water for her after a long day playing in the sand. It was perfect to have lots of warm water and so easy to use. For about $30.00, it is one of the best bougie things I have bought for camping, hands down!

6. Solar Luci Light String

Luci Lights String light

These Luci String lights are an amazing addition to your camping gear. They are so easy to set up, and they charge throughout the day. They also hold a charge for a long time, plus they are a warm light, so its bright enough to see but not so bright a headlight. They are perfect for inside the tent for reading at night, or for creating an area that you can see what you are doing when it is dark! Best part is that they are water resistent, and so you do not have to worry if they get splashes or some rain gets on them.

 7. Camp Pillow


Camp PIllow

Yes, this is a must have for comfortably camping. For many years, I would bring my regular pillow and stuff it in with my sleeping bag, however over the years the regular size pillow is so bulky and does not pack down well. There are so many camping pillows out on the market, and the most important features to look for is a cover that can be washed easily, and also how comfortable it is for your neck and head. When I cam tent camping, having that extra layer of comfort is so important, so make sure to get a pillow that you really like and fits your body type. I currently have this Ivellow pillow, and I enjoy the memory foam on it. I like more of a firm but soft feel pillow, so it works well, plus packs down nice and small. 

8. Sheets or Sleeping Pad Cover

Paco Pad Cover

For camping, we carry our Paco Pads for sleeping mats, which are a waterproof pad that can go on our rafts or boats and then they self-inflate for sleeping on when unrolling. They are made out of a pvc plastic, which for the cold nights can be quite chilly. Having a paco-pad cover light this one from Fun-lovin Fleeceware is so perfect to keep it warm, plus it says on your pad. I have also always brought a fitted sheet for my paco pad during the summer, so that way I can have the sheet on the pad, and then can have my sleeping bag on top. Either way, having a cover for your sleeping pad is a must have, makes it easier to clean at the end of your trip and way more comfortable to sleep on. 

9. Hammock Camp Chair

Yes, on your list should always be a camp chair. I invested in this chair when my daughter was very an infant and I ended up using it in the backyard almost every day! It is super comfortable to sit in and folds up almost the same size as a regular camp chair. I will say that if you are eating dinner, then this chair may not be the best, but it is so comfortable to rock and sit in while camping. And as a new mom or a mom of a child that you can still fit in your lap, this chair helps so much for rocking them to sleep or just watching the stars at night together. Just be sure to set it up correctly, and follow the directions with the pin clips. 

10. A Sand Mat

This is our favorite sand mat of all time! We actually have two of these mats, one is quite large and the other is a smaller size for in front of our tent. These are not the lightweight flimsy mats for RVs or beach that are made out of plastic. This is a heavy duty mesh mat that is double sided, and it is so amazing. It also has four d rings on all the corners, so you can put your tent stakes on it to keep it down. I use this in front of the tent, or in front of the rv or in the 'camp kitchen' area. The best part about this mat is you can fold it up and it is super easy to carry. I have used it at the beach or by the river for sunbathing and chilling out. This is a top must have for your camping supplies!!


Ok, there you have it! That is our list of our top ten unique things to bring on your camping trip as a woman! What would you put on your list? We hope you have an amazing time in the outdoors and enjoy your camping trip this year!


Mel @ Boatyardbeta

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