5 best things to bring with you when you are camping with a toddler, most needed things to bring when camping with kids, hiking or being outdoors.

Top 5 best things to bring when Camping with a Toddler

Wow, what a summer it has been! We have had so much fun traveling, camping, rafting, hiking and enjoying the outdoors with our child this summer. Scenic views and the smell of coffee in the greatoutdoors makes life truly worth living. Also, having the right gear for your kid makes the trip so much easier!!

We have a toddler, and she is always into getting messy, wet, dirty and into everything while we are outdoors and camping.

Over the past few months, we have gathered best top items to take for a toddler. This list is not comprehensive, but often times we are out and about and we have other campers or people tell us how cool that item is! Or the response is, WOW! WHERE DID YOU GET THAT?

So here it is, the top 5 items to buy to camp, raft, and be outdoors with your toddler:

Toddler RAIN SUIT! This Rain suit is from the CuddleCub. 
 It is an item that can be used all the time, not just for camping. Our girl loves this suit, she is allowed to get wet and muddy and it is so easy to use. It is also super quick to clean up and is not super plasticky feeling. It also has straps at the bottom of her feet to hold the suit in place. We love love love this item! I am going to order a bigger one each time that she grows out of it. The best part about this product is that she will last at least 2 years in it, since for the hands and feet there is no restriction, but can be Velcro closed to keep rain, wetness out. This also worked so well to help with bug bites and changes of clothes, and after so many times camping with huge amounts of rain, this suit has been such an amazing piece of camping gear. Also, I need to add that it is very easy to change her out of her diaper with this suit on, as the zipper is extra long for getting her in and out of the suit. 

Camping High Chair by Go with Me.                                                 
toddler high chair for campingThe description of the chair is as follows: "Travel with ease using the Baby Delight Go With Me Jubilee Portable Chair. The 5-point removable harness makes your stable baby secure and comfortable as they sit upright in the seat. The chair can then be used through toddler and big-kid ages, either with or without the snack tray. Indoor/outdoor polyester along with the included sun canopy makes this the perfect chair to carry with you for use outdoors, or anywhere indoors." And they are so right about how easy it is to travel with this chair! First, it folds up so easy just like the rest of our camp chairs, and also it comes with the detachable shade cover. The shade cover has been a lifesaver! There have been lots of times camping or rafting where we do not always have a shady spot without setting up the big shade cloth or tent. This shade cover has come in handy so many times, and it also folds down and fits right in the chair bag so its easy to tote around. I also love the size of the chair to the ground. Our toddler is able to get into this chair on her own, plus get out without it being a big distance. The chair is very sturdy too, which is a plus. The five strap harness is pretty intense but when you want to make sure they are secured, it is a nice option. The only downside to this chair is the width of the tray, it is much skinner than a child size plate, so we have just ended up putting her food right on the tray. All in all, this is a perfect camping chair for toddlers. 

Toddler Sleeping Bag From REI by Morrison. 
Toddler Sleeping bag by Morrison This bag is worth every part of the price tag. We were lucky enough that someone bought ours on our baby registry when I was pregnant, and I am glad that we did! It has been a game changer for camping with a toddler. We have used it in our camper, for naps, in the tent for sleeping, car camping and all of it has worked out perfect. Plus, she looks so cute in it! It is similar to a sleep sack, so she cannot wiggle out of it like a regular sleeping bag. Also, this bag folds up so small and comes with a carry case making it a perfect thing to pack for your little one. It also has the ability to roll the hands down, so the hands can be covered too. It is rated down to 40 degrees, and is so comfy for them too. Just make life a bit easy and get this!
This headlamp is perfect for your toddlers and children when camping. It has a soft feel, so its not just the smaller electric strap for them to pull down all the time. This headlamp comes in different styles, such as a bear, deer and a wolf. This one is perfect for letting your toddler explore while not taking your headlamp! Having an extra headlamp is great as most toddlers want to look at things and can be great campsite 'explorers' with a special light. This one is also machine washable, which is nice after a camping trip. The website does say 4 years and up, but the headband can be tighten down with the Velcro on the sides to fit smaller heads. All in all, just remember to bring an extra headlamp or flashlight as its a great activity for them to start practicing how to use it as a tool  outdoors!
Toddler Sunshirt for sun protection
The last item on our list is the Toddler Sunshirt. We have a few of these sun shirts, and no matter if they are from Patagonia or Quicksilver or the ones from Carters, as long as they have UPF sun protection and the hoodie, then we recommend them for sure!! The best part about this type of item when camping is it doubles as a sun shirt, but also can be used as a bathing suit top, or a regular shirt. It is so versatile, plus with the hood it helps to keep the sun off of the back of her neck or areas where her hat does not always cover. Our toddler does not love having sunscreen put on her, so this sun shirt helps so much so she can play, and I do not have to apply sunscreen constantly. 
So for now, those are our top 5 items to bring with you when camping with a toddler! We are always looking for new items to bring, and will continue to try out all the amazing gear that is being made to help make our lives a bit easier when camping with a toddler!

Let us know what you think is the best thing to bring! Until next time, enjoy the beautiful fresh air and get out there and go camping!



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