Top 5 Free things to do in Durango, Colorado

Top 5 Free things to do in Durango, Colorado

Welcome to colorful Colorado, specifically Durango! Here are our top 5 free/cheep things and activities to do in town!

1. Animas River Trail (Free)

The Animas River trail is a trail system that winds through town for over 12 miles (a new section was added from 32nd street up to Oxbow Park.) It is paved the whole way and is perfect for walking, biking, roller blading and more. This trail follows the river and has multiple picture perfect stops along the way. We love to go to Santa Rita park and walk north or south from there. You can download a free map Here.

2. Oxbow Park and Preserve (Free)

Oxbow Park opened officially last year (it used to a be a local spot to hang on the beach with no parking, etc) and now it has been turned into a river put in, picnic area and beach zone for all to enjoy. There are about 12ish parking spaces that fill up quickly, and also bathrooms at the location. There is great sand for laying out a towel and watching the river, as well as a trail area to the Preserve to walk. (No dogs are allowed in the preserve area, but at the main park they are). This is the ending or beginning of the Animas River Trail.


3. Lake Nighthorse (10$ per car)

This is one of our favorite places in the summer time! Super family friendly, easy access to put in paddle boards (plus 4Corners does Paddleboard Rentals at the lake) and the fishing is great too! It has a new swimming beach that has lifeguards on duty, plus floating swim areas to play on. The water is so clear and beautiful, plus at only 10$ a car (there are season passes or 5 punch passes too) it is a great activity to do for the day.

4. The Train Museum (Durango Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad) (Free)

Check out more info at the Trains Website for this Free museum about the train and Durango, Co history! It is open from 7am-7pm throughout the summer, and it is really neat! There are lots of train memorabilia, plus you can walk out to the round house to see the trains in parking, etc. (You can also take a ride on the train! We did not list this, as you need to purchase tickets that do not make it in our free or cheap catagory)

5. Hike the Colorado Trail (a section of it) (Free)

The Colorado Trail is a long distance trail that runs from Durango to Denver. In the section that starts in Durango, you can hike for about a mile to see some really neat views, plus there is Junction Creak that runs parallel for your walk. It also is partial shaded, so when it is very hot out, this trail is perfect for you and the kids! If you feel like it, you could walk the over 400 miles up to Denver, but this hike is perfect to say that you have hike a part of it! From town, head up 26th street all the way until you see the trailhead on the left.


There are our 5 cool free (or cheap) things to do in the summer in Durango, Colorado!

What is your favorite thing to do in town?

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