What is a Dry Bag? How is a drybag used?

What is a Dry bag?

If you're an avid kayaker, rafting enthusiast, stand up paddleboarder or any other water-based adventurer, then you know that your gear is important to you.

That's why we're here to talk about drybags—what they are, how they've been made for kayaking, rafting, SUPing and more. (Plus all those other amazing times you need your gear to be secure, dry and easy to find)

If you've ever been on a river or lake and had to get out of your kayak or raft in the middle of a storm, then you know how important it is to have a drybag.

This article will explain what a drybag is, how it's been made for kayaking, rafting, stand up-paddleboarding and more. We'll also talk about what they're made out of and how many styles are out there!

What is a Drybag?
Drybags are a style of bag that can be used to keep your gear and belongings dry. They come in different sizes, shapes and colors. They are made for kayaking, rafting, stand up paddleboarding, or any type of watersport adventure (plus so many more uses). There are so many companies that make amazing dry bags that will cover you in any season, element or need. You can find dry-bags at almost every outdoor sports store, your local rafting store and even Walmart. The degree of which they keep your items dry, the ability to secure them to your water vessel, and how they are used is what stands them out from each other. 

What is a Dry bag made out of?

Dry bags are made from lots of different types of materials, but most are made out of some sort fabric (nylon or canvas) that then becomes a high-density material when it is coated in a waterproof coating. Most are made out polyester PVC, Ripstop Nylon and Tarpaulin PVC. There are so many more types of dry bag materials, and as we continue to learn about the best dry bag materials, newer, lighter and easier to use materials are being used each and every day. 

You've probably heard of drybags before, but do you know what they're used for?

Drybags are a great way to keep your belongings safe from water damage on boats, rafts, and other water-based activities. They can be used in any area where you'd like to keep your items dry, including:

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP)





A drybag is a bag that is completely waterproof, meaning that it can keep your belongings dry even when they're submerged in water. Drybags are great for kayaking and rafting, as well as stand up paddleboarding (SUP). They can also be used for storing clothes that you don't want to get wet or dirty, like if you're camping or hiking and don't want to have to wash your clothes when you get back home.

There are a lot of different styles and sizes available depending on what kind of activity you're doing with them. Some models are shaped like regular duffel bags, while others come in rectangular shapes that fit into tight spaces or under seats on boats. Some even come with carrying straps so they can be carried on your back while hiking through the woods!

Boatyard Beta's Drybag:

We love the ability to use dry bags on more than just water sports, plus we love the dry bags that we make. Not only do our dry-bags have the tote-carry style drybag, plus the padded shoulder strap (that is detachable), our dry bags are made more specifically for women. 

Our drybags come with our patent-pending odor absorbing pocket, so you have a place to dispose of any personal hygine trash that you use when out in nature. The odor-absorbing trash pocket is not just for trash, you can use it to hold those things you are not 'supposed' to bring when you are out in nature, such as deodorant, dry shampoo, make up wipes, etc. 

Have a place to dispose of your female items (smell proof, secure, and odor absorbing), plus have an waterproof smell proof pocket to hold all those things that make you feel like a women when camping. 

Yes, of course yes. Check us out and grab our bag to make your camping, rafting, water sport adventure much easier. Click here to check out our drybags made for you!!

Thank you for reading about the amazing parts of what a drybag is, how it is made and what it is used for. Let us know what you use a dry bag for, and how much it helped or saved your essential items on an adventure! 

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