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Dark Red Mandela Extra Large Microfiber Beach Towel / Sarong

Dark Red Mandela Extra Large Microfiber Beach Towel / Sarong

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This extraordinary extra large beach towel is crafted from advanced microfiber material. It is designed to be extra absorbent and fast-drying, making it perfect for a day of fun in the sun. Additionally, this sarong towel is generously sized, ideal for wrapping around your body as desired.

This towel packs as a small as a typical wallet size, while absorbing a ton of water!

Easy to clean, easy to shake and super lightweight. Also useful to block the sun on your body, or get it wet and use it as a lightweight cooling towel. It can be wrapped as a sarong too!

Plus, did we mention that it is also recycled fabric? Good for the environment, good for you.

Use this towel as a cover, wrap, or just as a regular towel. This red and blue Mandela is a beautiful designs and so simple to pack along with you.


Size: (49inby57in) 

Care Instructions: No Iron, dry low heat. 

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